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Product Development

Vetech provide services for all apsects of product development. We can take care of the whole process for you, or we can help with any of the steps along the way.


A little research at the beginning of the product development process can save hours later on. We'll research the current market, competitor products, suitable materials and manufacturing techniques. If you have a price point in mind, we'll tell you how likely it is that a suitable product can be developed at that price.


We'll work with the client to produce a specification for the product, which will include details such as the product function, dimensions, user requirements and environmental and legal requirements. If necessary we can also assist with intellectual property considerations such as patents and copyright if required.

Concept development

Our experienced engineers will generate product design ideas which are creative, innovative and which conform to the agreed specification. We'll keep you updated on progress as often as you wish,via computer-generated 3D models, 2Dimages or even sketches.


With the basic concept for the product agreed, we'll build the models using Pro-Engineer Creo. Read more about our CAD design services here.

Prototype Manufacture

We can build prototype products using a variety of techniques and materials. Initially, these are usually CNC machined from solid, or 3D printed> Models can be painted using our in-house painting facilities. As the concept is refined we can also produce injection moulded plastic components in a exceptionally short time and at low cost. Read more about our tooling and moulding capabilities here.


We can design and build dedicated test rigs. These can be used for a wide range of tests from automated stop-time measurement to product endurance running 24/7. Read more about our testing services here.