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25th October 2016: The final straight! New Mini pushes VetechBusa development close to finish line

From the start of the VetechBusa project, it was always the intention to have a Vetech Mini to use for development purposes and for customer demonstrations of both the performance of the engine and the installation process.

The VetechBusa has been designed to fit in a standard Mini engine bay without the need to modify any of the shell or body panels. It has been difficult to demonstrate this as the engine was fitted in director Andrew Quigley's red Mini which has a previously modified bulkhead, and Rohith de Silva's yellow Mini Miglia race car which has a non-standard front subframe and front bodywork. One of the benefits of owning a standard Mini is that, for the first time, we can properly measure an unmodified engine bay and ensure the VetechBusa does fit in a standard car.

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20th July 2016: VetechBusa in the Fastest Mini in the World Race

Vetech team up with A2Z minis to make a serious attempt on the Fastest Mini in the World race: Rohith de Silva's car, Vetech's supercharged Vetechbusa engine.

After an offer we couldn't refuse from Rohith de Silva, Vetech decided to break with tradition and effectively develop and test the new VetechBusa engine in public at the 2016 Fastest Mini in the World race at Brands Hatch.

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2nd February 2016: Vetech Hayabusa on public display, and pricing released

The Vetech Hayabusa was shown to the public for the first time at the British Mini Club Mini Fair on Sunday. The stand was very busy and we would like to thank those of you who came and visited us for your interest. The other important development is that we can now release initial pricing information.

The Vetech Hayabusa engine conversion kit starts from £11,600 + VAT for the base unit. A Donor Suzuki engine needs to be sourced by the customer.

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6th January 2016: British Mini Club Mini Fair

At 6pm on New Year's Eve, the Hayabusa engine started in our development Mini for the first time. The director's aim of getting it running by the end of the year was acheived, but only just!

Now, it will be publically launched at the British Mini Club Mini Fair at Bingley Hall on the 31st January. Come and see us!

New photos of the installation are on our image gallery

14th December 2015: Hayabusa Development Update

Our new Hayabusa engine and gearbox conversion fits in a classic Mini engine bay!!

Over the past couple of months work has been continuing on our Hayabusa conversion kit and it has now been installed in a classic Mini. The engine fits within the engine bay of a classic Mini without the need for any modification to the body shell, inner wings, front valance, grill or bonnet. Only the front sub frame required alteration, with a couple of cut outs to allow space for the exhaust and the clutch casing.

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2nd October 2015: Hayabusa Dyno Testing

Things have been rather busy here at Vetech!

The engine started for the first time at the beginning of August. This was an initial shake down test to check that everything appeared to work, and happily, everything did.

There then followed a flurry of work to finish off the dyno and sort out all the systems required to get the engine mapped.

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17th July 2015: Hayabusa Gearbox Development Update

Vetech's Hayabusa conversion system will have an integral gear box which has been specially designed to avoid many of the problems normally associated with bike-engined cars, and features many improvements on the Suzuki version.

The sequential gearbox has 6 forward gears and 1 reverse. Unlike the original bike gearbox, neutral is a "full" gear position. In our development vehicle, it will be operated via paddles behind the steering wheel, which will activate a pneumatic cylinder for smooth and very fast gear changes.

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